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Divorce & Child Custody

DivorceChildCustodySmallDivorce and Child Custody cases are never easy. The emotions of the case are difficult enough without adding complex legal rights, laws and court dates. Hiring an attorney takes layers of stress out of your life and allows you to concentrate on the things that matter most like work, relationships, and your own personal health.

The Vermont Superior Court, Family Division Court is located in downtown Rutland and handles all the family cases for Rutland County. Currently, the divorce process takes about nine to eighteen months in the Rutland Unit, and a child custody modification takes six to nine months.

How we can help?

We are experienced in all aspects of divorce and family law and can guide you through these difficult and stressful times with professionalism and care. We attend court in your place so you don’t have to attend most hearings, and explain the process in an easy to understand language.

Matt Branchaud has argued many contested trials before the Family Division, and settled divorces exceeding one million in assets. He has won full custody for two locals fathers recently and viciously advocates for his clients in and out of the courtroom.


In Vermont, the Family Division Judge has absolute discretion to divide a couple’s assets depending upon a variety of factors, but generally asset distribution ranges from 50/50 to 75/25. All assets of the couple are in the case regardless of when or where they came from. A coin collection you received when you were a five-year old child is in the estate. The Court even has the power to consider future interests such as will and trusts, even if the person has not received the property yet. Typically the Court does not start awarding alimony or maintenance unless the parties have been married for seven to ten years old, after which calculating alimony requires a lot of legal wrangling and skill. Having an experienced lawyer to handle these issues can make the difference between leaving the Courthouse crying or smiling.

Child Custody

More complicated than asset and debt distribution, Child Custody cases are the second half to most divorces. They are also sometimes filed by parents to modify existing Court Orders, but the law is the same. Vermont Courts follow the “Best Interests” law in determining child custody and visitation. Matt Branchaud fights for a fair share of child custody and visitation even when the other side is less than generous. Matt’s knowledge of the local courts and recent determinations at hearing will help guide you to a fair schedule with your kids. And if your former partner will not be fair, Matt will relentlessly pursue your case at trial in the Family Division.

If you have questions about divorce or child custody in Rutland County, please call Matt Branchaud for a consultation today.

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