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Permitting/ Subdivisions/ Act 250 Hearings

centralpermittingA subdivision is the development and division of a lot, tract, or parcel of land into two or more lots. Development includes, but is not limited to, septic systems, lot design and surveys, drainage structures, the construction of buildings, streets and roads, and the placement of utilities.

Act 250 (“Act”) is a Vermont law passed in 1970. This Act is officially known as Land Use and Development Act. The object of the Act is to protect the environment, balance developments with local, regional, and state issues, and to provide a forum for neighbors, municipalities and other interest groups to be heard.

According to the Act, an Act 250 permit is mandatory for conducting projects like:

  • Construction for a commercial or industrial purpose on more than one acre of land
  • Construction of more than 10 housing units within a radius of 5 miles
  • Subdivision of land into 10 or more lots
  • Construction of a road, if the road provides access to more than five lots or is longer than 800 feet
  • Construction by the state or local government if the project involves more than 10 acres
  • Substantial changes or additions to existing developments
  • Construction above 2,500 feet in elevation

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