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Legal Resources

American Bar Association News

Vermont Bar Association

Land Records Search (Participating Towns 2006-present)

Federal Laws and Courts:

Bill of Rights and Consitution

Federal District Court for VT

US Code and Laws

Vermont Attorney General’s Office

Civil Rights Complaints

Consumer Complaints

Vermont Bar Association

Vermont Congressman:

Patrick Leahy

Bernie Sanders

Peter Welch

Vermont Laws and Courts:

Vermont Constitution

Vermont Statutes (Laws) Online: (overview of all books)

Vermont Courts Online (password access to Court docket sheets)

Vermont Defender General

Vermont Division of Wastewater Management/Septic Systems:

Permit Search:

Vermont Department of Corrections Inmate Information

Vermont Governor’s Office

Vermont Judiciary Website:

Calender for Every VT Attorney

Calender for Court Hearings in Every Court

Forms (Useful docs for use in court)

Juror Information


Vermont Legislature

Research and Bills (Proposed and Passed)

Vermont Secretary of State

Corporation Seach


Construction Dispute Laws

Consumer Fraud

Court Procedure/statute of limitations/various statutes setting general outlines of court procedure

Criminal Laws

Divorce/Child Custody Statutes

DUI Laws (§ 1201-1220)

Driving Violations

Estates and Wills

Employment/Labor Laws


Landlord/Tenant Laws

Additional L/T Court Procedures

Property Laws (Real and Personal)

Vermont Supreme Court w/ cases and decisions

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