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Vermont DUI and DWI Penalties

Vermont DWI penalties can include a fine, suspension and imprisonment in addition to the possible emotional issues for those arrested.

First Offense
  • 90 day suspension of drivers license or Vermont driving privileges for an out-of-State license holder. If breath or blood testing is refused, the suspension period is 6 months;
  • Fine of up to $750.00, up to 2 year imprisonment or both, plus court costs of $186.00 (add $50.00 if refusal);
  • Completion of an alcohol and driving education program, Project CRASH, including evaluation by a licensed alcohol counselor who must certify that the driver should either be eligible for reinstatement or undergo alcohol counseling and/or treatment;
  • If treatment is necessary, the driver must complete or show substantial progress in completing treatment as a condition for reinstatement;
  • Proof of financial responsibility (SR22) insurance must be filed for 3 years with the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles, regardless whether the offender had auto insurance in effect at the time of the offense;
  • Pay Vermont D.M.V. a $75.00 reinstatement fee.
Second Offense
  • Suspension of Vermont license or driving privileges for 18 months;
  • Maximum fine of $1,500.00, 2 years imprisonment or both, with at least 400 hours of community service or 100 consecutive hours of imprisonment, with sentence credit for any time spent in residential alcohol treatment as ordered by the court;
  • Completion of Project CRASH or other alcohol and driving program with completion or substantial progress shown in completing alcohol treatment program as condition for reinstatement;
  • All other penalties as applicable to first offenses.
Third or Higher Offense (Felony)
  • Lifetime revocation of Vermont driver’s license or non-resident operating privilege, but eligible for reinstatement 3 years after revocation date upon proof of total abstinence from drugs and alcohol;
  • $2,500.00 fine, 5 years imprisonment or both;
  • All other penalties as applicable to first offenses.
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